Abut Paka River Camp

PakaRC WaterfallToday's Paka River Camp sits on a sprawling 27 acres of land that has humble beginnings as a family owned rubber plantation. The property has borne witness to many key moments in Malaysian and South East Asian history, surviving World War II and the Communist Insurgency of the early 1950s.

Because of its long and rich history, many tales of the land abound. Rubber tappers mysteriously disappearing, attacks from man-eating tigers, and even the many strange supernatural apparitions that are a reminder of the violent times in the nation's modern history. Most of these exciting, and sometimes bone-chilling tales, were narrated to me as a young boy by my late father who, as a member of the British Field Force, was tasked combating Communist Insurgents in the greater Terengganu area. These stories filled my young mind with wonder and imagination, and sparked in me a budding passion for Nature, the Outdoors and Adventure.

Sadly, these young dreams were forgotten for a long time. By the time I returned to the land in 1994, the plantation had fallen into neglect. The plantation house that was constructed by my grandfather had been razed to the ground long ago. The wooden house that replaced it was still standing, but barely. Weeds and shrubs, growing wildly, had retaken the once orderly rows of rubber trees, lending the area a feel of eerie inhospitality.

Yet, the land's rugged beauty was inescapable. I found it's wilderness and isolation inexplicably alluring, and returned many times with my two sons, Marcius and Marvin to trek the thick jungles and to kayak the meandering rivers. On these excursions, perhaps aided by the incredibly fresh air, my mind filled with ideas and the opportunities that the land offered.

Paka River Camp

By 1996, full ownership of the land had been acquired, and so began its revitalisation, first into a tropical fruit orchard, while painstakingly preserving its natural terrain. With great determination the land was transformed into an adventure campsite, with a vision of sharing the land with nature lovers, adventurers and young students who never had the opportunity to personally encounter nature.

This personal undertaking turned out to be a decade long obsession. Initially, facilities were modest. But by 2006, the camp boasted a longhouse, outdoor baths and showers, a field kitchen and covered dining areas. Today, plans are being made for several cozy traditional styled chalets which will allow visitors to enjoy the land and the river at its edge (which gives the camp its name) in privacy.

Using PRC as a base, visitors are spoilt for choice in activities. Friends may kayak from the camp to the sea and to the islands beyond, climb the majestic nearby waterfalls that are the life source of many of the rivers in Terengganu and immerse themselves in the rich flora and fauna. White sandy beaches stretch for miles along the coast, with nary a tourist in sight. The offshore Pulau Tenggol and Kapas provide island alternatives for snorkelers and scuba divers. Jet skis and a quaint Volkswagen Camper van (Scooby-van!) are just some of the numerous other offerings that make up the Paka River Camp Experience

Goh Khee Wei
Founder & Owner